PHONE: 01535 608639 or 0749 1778715

This is a registered charity operating as a Catholic charitable work of the Diocese of Leeds

Charity Number: 1170396

Aims of the Centre

To develop the capacity and skills of the socially and/or economically disadvantaged members of the community of Keighley and the surrounding area. In order that they are better able to become active and fully participating members of society. To support community cohesion by promoting activities to foster understanding between people from diverse backgrounds including asylum seekers, refugees and other immigrants.

Worship of God

"It is our duty and leads to our salvation to give praise and thanks to God." The Holy Mass is the peak and pinnacle of our worship of God.By the passion, death and resurrection of his Son, God gave us the promise of eternal life.

"Did not our hearts burn within us as he talked to us on the road and explained the scriptures to us?" (Luke 24:13-35)

:Pope Francis: "The poor are the privileged teachers of our knowledge of God; their frailty and simplicity unmask our selfishness, our false security, our claim to be self-sufficient. The poor guide us to experience God's closeness and tenderness, to receive his love in our life, his mercy as the Father who cares for us, for all of us, with discretion and patient trust.If, in this culture of comfort we have lost our bearings, it may be the stranger among us who is calling us home."

Bishop Marcus of Leeds: "Thank you so much for the wonderful warm welcome extended to me. I really enjoyed my visit and to have the opportunity to meet many of those who benefit from the excellent services that the Good Shepherd Centre is providing. It really is quite inspirational to see just what can be accomplished by a group of dedicated people at a local level. Assuring the Good Shepherd Centre of my prayers and very best wishes."

The Charity Shop for the Centre is in Keighley town centre at 34 Brunswick Arcade. There are a variety of goods at bargin prices. Please encourage family and friends to call in to the shop.