Covid 19

Saint Anne's Church is following the 1m+  social distancing regulations. We can now seat 90 individuals or more with people from the same household sitting together. To enable parishioners to know they have a seat for Sunday Mass we have a booking system which is on the parish website. ( Just press the button "Register for Mass" and book the tickets you require. Or phone 01535 645454 Monday - Wednesday 11.00am - 12 Noon. Or ask a Steward at the back of church to book a ticket for the following week. Please note for 1 person = 1 ticket; 2 people (same household) = 1 ticket. More than 2 people from the same household and up to 5 people = 2 tickets. It is not necessary to book a seat for the Vigil Mass on Saturday evening or during the week but Government regulations stipulate that you will need to sign in and sanitise your hands as you enter the church. 

The Weekly Bulletin - please take it home with you and do not return to the stand

Altar Servers - at present only the MC is serving on a Sunday. 

Holy Communion will be administered with the priest standing behind the altar rails. People should wait in their pews until instructed to move forward by the Stewards, always aware of the regulations on social distancing in the orderly queue. The communicant should unloop their face covering and with arms at "full stretch" extend their hands as flatly as possible, palms upwards, one on top of the other to receive Holy Communion. They should immediately consume the Sacred Host and replace their face covering before moving back to their seats via the confessionals following the one-way route. 

Singing is not allowed by the congregation so the hymn books have been put into storage.

Readers at Mass should come forward to the lectern as normal and sanitise your hands at the altar gates as you enter the sanctuary. The face covering can be removed while you read. 

Bidding Prayers are optional but if they take place will be read by the priest.

Face Coverings are mandatory and all those who are attending church must wear a face covering unless they are exempt. Priests in the sanctuary 2m or more from the congregation do not need to wear a face covering except when distributing Holy Communion. Readers may remove their face coverings at the lectern to read, as it is more than 2m from the congregation, then replace the face covering before leaving the sanctuary. 

Confessions will be heard at the usual times on a Saturday or you can ask the priest before a weekday Mass. The kneeler and chair have been removed from the confessional and the penitent is asked to stand for confession and then a Steward will sanitise the handles etc after each penitent leaves. 

The Weekly Offertory Collection will not be taken in the usual way but please leave you collection in the baskets either at the right side of the altar rails or at the side door as you leave church.

New Government regulations stipulate that funerals can have 30 people attending (this does not include the priest, server, organist or cantor) but at present the sacrament of baptism or marriage cannot be celebrated.